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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Diamond-eating or Tricks of Diamond Thieves

When creators of man made diamonds are 'shouting' about them being conflict free, a large part of customers are really confused by what conflict they may cause. Here is an example of at least one of them: stealing and swallowing a diamond. The result is imprisonment of a swallower.

Diamonds are always popular, always pricey and too attractive to draw at the same time the fashionista and criminals. Chow Cheng, a 32 year old fellow with non-criminal past, is now accused in eating a 1.5-carat diamond. On September 5 a Chinese tourist made up his mind to visit the gem exhibition in Sri Lanka but not simply to admire the beauty of the exhibits but with the intention to steal one. Chow Cheng was trying to replace the $13,60- worth natural diamond with synthetic gem and right at that moment he was noticed by the stall owner. X-ray proved the gem was inside the man, in his throat precisely.

This is actually only one case of many which take place worldwide from time to time. For example, this year in Canada an old man ate a diamond in a jewelry store. He used the similar tactic similar to Chow Cheng: had a replica stone as a substitute for natural, which cost about $20,000. Or another case when a Sri Lanka man was arrested for swallowing several condoms with about 2,000 diamonds $670,000 total worth. His aim was to smuggle them through the Indian airport.

Though these are diamonds that are stolen and eaten but in fact these are men who are victims in all the aforementioned stories. These are they who are arrested, imprisoned and deprived from freedom while everything is Okay with diamonds. Speaking about man made diamonds, they were never involved in any criminal affairs.

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