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Monday, September 17, 2012

Is there Something to Reduce the Price for Diamonds? Yes, Huge deposit of Them!

Indeed, diamonds are known as very rare gems that are hard to discover and then even harder to extract as far as they are formed very deep in the ground. Diamond mining involves huge resources that determine the price since among millions of tones of rock diamonds make only a tiny part. According to the Russian authorities this problem is solved now.

Scientists from the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of Russia, particularly the Siberian branch of it, revealed the information about terrific deposits of diamond deposit in the Eastern Siberian region. It was discovered long before in the 1970th but was neatly declassified by particual reasons. As it is prognosed, these stocks will be enough for more than 3000 years, so this fact should dramatically change the situation in the diamond market and preeminetly to reduce the price for them.

What is more, the revealed diamonds are claimed to be two times solid than usual diamonds. In addition, these diamonds differ in structure from those we know now. Can it be true? The scientists name the reason: diamond stocks were formed due to the meteor that fell down 35 million years ago to form a 100km crater. It sounds like this is the novel miner possessing unique qualities.

But with a wide range of pros there are some cons: mining process. We are living in hard times when natural resources are explored and ecology is dramatically aggravating with very little perspectives for restoring. Mining of this huge deposit will only add to the existing problem. We'll remind you that the second largest open-pit diamond mines are located in Russia in Myrny and the size of it really impresses: 525 meters deep and 1,200 meters wide! And it's needless to say how devastating mining process is, this or not only reason in this case made people to turn their heads to synthetic diamonds. But this is quite the other story.

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