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Monday, October 1, 2012

10UMX – The Most Fast-Penetrating Diamond Drill To Extract Diamonds

Diamond is the hardest stone in the world, it ranks number 10 on the Mohs scale which, in fact, is based on contrasting other minerals against diamonds to see how different/close they are. This is also the most hard-to-mine mineral: apart from that it lays deep in the Earth bowels, it is also very hard for extracting – don't forget, this is the hardest stone in the world. As you can see now that there is only one strong and powerful tool that can bring diamonds on the surface – diamond. It sound like a vicious circle but that is the thing.

This is not a novel discovery, but it was in the 20th century, so since that time diamonds are widely applied in industry for making cutting, sawing, drilling tools. So today the tools are not created but rather upgraded to make them work in better way. This is what Boart Longyear Company has recently done.

The mineral exploration drilling company has launched new diamond core bit, the 10 Ultramix (UMX). The 10UMX was specifically designed to quickly penetrate the hardest rock strata. According to Boart Longyear, this is the most efficient bit so far that can perfectly cut in whatever drilling conditions it is used. The technologies applied to produce such a driller are known as 'diamond coring' having a double meaning: aiming to drill diamond with the help of a diamond drill. Specialists at Boart Longyear used the UMX patented formula to make the drill, that is large synthetic diamonds within the matrix. They claim that alongside quick penetration the 10UMX provides longer life of a tool. Weird it may sound but it looks like they use lab-grown eco-friendly diamonds to mine natural ones. We hope that one day synthetic diamonds of gem quality will be highly appreciated by all sort of customers, thus there is no need to extract natural stones any more. But until that time comes a range of companies in Africa are now actively using the super efficient drill.

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