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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smile With Diamonds

There is a good old technique a man uses to show he is interested in a woman: wink of an eye. In some cases it works of course, but it can't be called a 100% win-win method what most of men expect it to be. Now if an Indian man wants to win a girl over, he gives her a glimpse of his diamond... teeth.

India is one of the largest exporters of diamonds in the world and diamond gems are in favor there. Even though the greater part of the population is poor, there is nothing to prevent rich ones from buying diamonds or from capping them in teeth (don't mix it with diamond grills) . According to Dr Vivek Saggar, dental jewelry is very popular among youth now and being an orthodontist he has a range of patients who inquire about dental jewelry procedures. Actually, this trend for 'diamonds in teeth' started seven or eight years ago but at that time it could be only one person per month who was interested in capping a gem in his/her tooth. Now the number of them is growing very fast with about 10% increase almost every year.

Who are they?
These are mostly young ladies in their twenties and thirties who do want to shine a diamond glimpse. Guys want to be the eye-catchers as well, but the ration of males vs females is 3 to 7, with girls wining!

Where do they put diamonds?
As far as this is the gem to be shown off, it should be in plain sight so the choice of a tooth is evident: this is either an upper canine or lateral incisor.

What gems do they opt for?
They are diamonds but in fact synthetic ones! Similar to natural diamonds they possess that brilliance needed to jazz up any smile. The choice of a color depends on the personal preferences. White diamonds are more popular compared to colored but some fashion-mongers prefer green, pink and red gems. These are mostly round cut diamonds, but star-shaped also seem trendy.
To sum up, if you want to add some zest to your smile choose a diamond as a win-win option.

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