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Friday, October 12, 2012

Yet Another Company to Produce Synthetic Diamonds

The competition is getting tough on jewelry market, where alongside jewelry manufacturers offering natural diamond gems there is a range of diamond growing labs that can boast 100% diamonds of non-natural origin, extremely high quality and less price. Now there is another company to add to that list: Washington Diamonds Corp.
In order to win the customers Washington Diamonds Corp. should offer something different and they will. First of all, there are going to be diamonds of larger size. As you know, large diamonds are very rare similar as their number is scarce in natural conditions. However, gems of 1-2 carats size are most sought after. Just to meet the needs of the customers Washington Diamonds Corp.
will grow diamonds of 1+ carat. The largest stone they have managed to create is 2.3 carat in size. With the use of CVD technology they will cultivate approximately 150 ct. a month, what is a few thousand carats a year. But don't be in a hurry to seek for these stones, since the company hasn't yet decided how it's going to sell it. Following Gemesis experience, a world-know diamond growing company, Washington Diamonds Corp. inclines to internet distribution.
All the stones will be certified by American Gem Society with the inscription of the latter. The clarity to expect is SI and the color rage is from G to I, what is colorless.

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