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Monday, November 26, 2012

76.02 Flawless Colorless Diamond Fetched More Than Expected at Christie's Auction

As it turned our fall is a harvest season not merely for fruit and vegetables but for auctions either. While Sotheby's Auction was proud to sell such exquisite lot as fancy deep blue diamond, Christie's Auction in Geneva didn't lag behind and dazzled with flawless colorless diamond gem.

The diamond is 76.02 carat stone, really huge in size, but this is its history that adds up to its dimensions and perfectness: the Archduke Joseph diamonds is the gem with a name. The unmounted gem comes from Golconda region in India famous for its eminent world-known diamonds. This gem was previously owned by the Archduke Joseph August of Austria, Palatine of Hungary, a member of the House of Habsburg, after whom it got its name.

According to Gemological Institute of America, this is the largest D-color, IF diamond it ever graded. The starting price was $15 million and it raised to $21.5 million quite fast, setting a record price ever given for colorless diamond. There is always a buzz after that sort of sales concerning who the lucky owner is, but the latter preferred to remain anonymous and placed bids via the telephone. Alfredo J. Molina, the former diamond owner, was really surprised to get such a high price for the gem: “I am thrilled but not surprised that the Archduke Joseph Diamond should have fetched such a high price. I was blessed to be the Archduke’s guardian and champion for the past 13 years, and indeed it has become part of my very identity.”

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