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Monday, December 3, 2012

One of the Rarest Red Diamonds to Hit the Auction

Speaking about diamonds these are colored gems that are rare, pricey and in high demand. But among them there still exist the rarest ones – red, which are always longed for. But while it's quite a rule to find yellow diamond jewelry or even blue diamonds, it's rather an exception to see red diamonds on someone: normally they can be senn in the museum, on the Red Carpet or at the auction. This time such a rare specimen will highlight Christie's Auction.

Magnificent Jewels Auction is planed for December 7. Magnificent it really is just because there is an unusually large (3.15 ct.) red stone and it will soon be introduced there. One may thinks 3 ct. is not as large stone to pay attention at, but with red diamonds there is quite a different policy concerning size. The largest red diamond ever is a circular-cut 5.03 fancy dark red stone, in this regard the 3.15 ct. gem looks like a giant, too. Moreover, this is the largest reddish orange rock ever graded by GIA, so it is going to be a unique gem of the event.

It's always a challenge to have such stones at auctions as far as the assuming price, which is between $700,000 and $1.2 million, can be roughly equal to the fetched price, which is usually much higher than expected. This nameless red stone is of SI2 clarity and excellent polish and symmetry.

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