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Thursday, November 1, 2012

ManMadeLabDiamonds — Diamonds or Simulants?

There is always a misunderstanding between 'diamond simulants' and 'man made diamonds'. With this, some companies only obfuscate the situation instead of clarifying it. So when we come across new names of companies offering diamond jewelry, we believe it is our duty to make it clear are those diamonds real or not.
For the start, let's remind what man made diamonds are. You will find many names for man made diamonds: synthetic, lab grown, created and cultured diamonds. 

Though different, all of them characterize real diamonds created synthetically in the laboratory conditions. Notion of synthetic diamonds usually refers to diamonds aimed for industrial needs while the rest are normally associated with diamonds of jewelry quality. So, synthetic diamonds are 100% diamonds with a wide range of properties inherent to this solid stone. These diamonds shouldn't be mixed with diamond simulants, which only visually resemble diamonds when first seen. They are usually cubic zirconia or moissanite accurately treated to acquire diamond-like 'make-up'. Now let's get to ManMadeLabDiamonds.

Even though the name makes a customer think of real diamonds, as well as their high price looks persuasive, but the truth is that jewelry offered by ManMadeLabDiamonds is artificial. Though the gems are supposed to be of superior quality, they are simulants but not real diamonds. The company offers you to save money on diamond engagement ring but will that ring stand a test of time and last as long as your marriage?

When opting for man made diamonds, you will find they come with the certificate (on demand) confirming the diamond you have is real. This document is given by one of the world-known gemological institutions such as GIA, EGL or AGS. While buying artificial jewelry you get nothing but for a jewel.
So, be caution when buying 'man made' diamonds, not all of them are real diamonds and be it your first question to clarify are the jewelry you want to buy real or not.

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