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Friday, November 9, 2012

Yellow Diamonds To Cheer Up Your Spirits

Time flies, fashion and trends changes but there is one thing that unchangeable – love for diamonds. What is more, this love has not boundaries: from poor to rich, young and old, men and women all over the world – various categories of people are charmed by diamond luster. But now these are all shades of yellow that managed to win even the toughest heart – yes, the yellow diamonds rule today!

Canary yellow diamonds are in abundance in collections of such high-end jewelers as Cartier, Bulgari, and Van Cleef & Arpels. Fueled by celebrities and rarity, they seem to go far beyond the bounds of Paris. Over the past few years De Beers jewelers have noticed strong interest in fancy colored diamonds, in yellow in particular. Actually, the trend for colored gems was started about 50 years ago, when the iconic blond girl Marline Monroe used to dazzle with diamonds. But this was HeidiKlum who revived the interest for yellow diamonds after she had been spotted with yellow diamond engagement ring. Later she gave up the baton to Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood, Rebecca Romijn and other stars. Hey, but apart from jewellery, yellow diamonds seem to penetrate every sphere of life including music (“Yellow diamonds in the light” by Rihanna) and perfumery (“Yellow Diamonds” by Versace).

The range of yellow shades is impressive: from pale yellowish, to lemony yellow and deep orange. Alongside the hues, yellows also varies in price. Lighter gems can sell cheaper while vivid yellow will demand a fortune for the right to possess it. Yellow diamonds of deep shades can have additional hues such as green, pink or blue, but this only makes a stone unique and thought-after, consequently more costly. While the price for pale yellow may start from $6.500 it sky rockets to $40.000 and higher once there is a vivid gem. The highest price paid for yellow diamond at auction is $12.4 million given for the sun-drop diamond last November. Should we expect for a new wave of price increasing.

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