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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Brighten Up Your Holidays With ... Black Jewelry?

The title may indeed sound vicious but it has nothing to do when it concerns diamonds. It's Christmas fever time and the best time to buy and give presents. With this in mind Ishay Ben-David Corporation offers a unique present – Ishay Ben-David 51-carat black diamond necklace.

The heart of the necklace is adorned with a 51.06 carat natural fancy black diamond, which is extremely rare both in natural color saturation and size. This black beauty is surrounded by a number of white diamonds to emphasize its allure. 553 tiny diamonds make 14.35 carats in total. There is a shield-shaped white diamond that adds to necklace singularity: this is IF, E color 1.68-carat gem. In case you feel hanker for this present there is one thing for you to know about it, which is probably the most important one, the price tag: $1 million!

Surely, only a few people can afford to own jewelry like that, meaning it's very expensive, but this can be little reasons for regrets if you are not among those. Diamonds are no more the privilege of rich people chiefly, which was considered a preconceived opinion before. The advanced technologies made it possible to grow real diamonds under natural-like conditions so that you can enjoy diamond jewelry at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, black diamonds are not yet in the list of man made diamonds for sale, but when the choice of color is not the point, you can consider over lab grown stones as a decent alternative, can't you?

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