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Monday, December 10, 2012

Natalie Pilon's Precious Cat

Breaking traditions: it's known that pets are humans' friends but when they pass away what is left are only memories and photos but even they will fade with time. However, now there is a method to give everlasting life to your pets. Want to know how? Turn them into diamonds, just like Natalie Pilon, a biotech sales representative in Boston, did.

Meowy was her beloved cat who died after 20 years and it's hard to tell how deep her sorrow was. To somehow make it easier Ms. Pilon decided to make memorial diamonds out of Meowy's cremated remains. Now she has a blue diamond ring on her finger just like having a best friend always close with you. This could seem a bit eccentric as this is not what everyone would dare to do. This is the way she chose to 'materialize' her memories about her cat. It's like turning a precious pet into precious gems, what with modern technologies is quite possible today.

The idea of creating man made diamonds from human or as you can see here from pet's ashes is not novel. It dates back a decade when it was first planned to memorize humans. Gradually it widened to pets, so that this industry is now flourishing and seems never fade till there are pet lovers.

The color and size of a diamond depend on a wearer's choice. In can be a big solitary gem or some smaller stones, both variants are plausible. Be it a small stone or a tiny one it is real with all possible characteristics of a mined diamond. However, keep in mind that memorial diamonds are more expensive than ordinary man made diamonds and their price usually starts from $1,000.

Ms. Pilon is just one example of owners of man made diamonds created from pet's ashes. In reality there are quite a number of them including Jennifer Durante, a 42-year-old former owner of a teacup Chihuahua named Tetley or including Sonya Zofrea, a 42-year-old lady who greatly loved her black cat with huge orange eyes. To remind her of her naughty kitty she ordered two fancy yellow diamonds and now is happy about having them on her finger.

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