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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The 25th Annual Yacht & Brokerage Show

As far as this blog is dedicated to diamonds and anything connected with them, we just couldn't omit a one-of-a-kind “Diamonds Are Forever” Yacht, the one you can see now in Miami at the 25the annual Yacht & Brokerage Show.

There is no evidence about diamonds encrusted somewhere on the yacht deck or cabins yet the name of it speaks for its luxury and sky-high price - $60 million! Among more than five hundred yachts and boats taking part in the show this one outshines the rest of the participants. What is so special about it then? The boat has a lift, six luxurious bedrooms, jacuzzi swimming pool and other deluxe frills. There is a crew consisting of fourteen people hanging around waiting for passengers. “Diamonds are Forever” is ready for long term cruising of various destinations.

Now Miami beach turned into the mecca for lovers of yachts and numerous onlookers. This is a free event, so if you are not far aways from there, you can visit that event and leave your comment about it.

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