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Monday, February 25, 2013

Deja Vu With a Ten Years Interval: $50 Million Diamond Heist

St. Valentine's Day is a special day in a year soaked with love and romance. Being in amorous mood no one expected anything bad to happen, not now as well as ten years ago. But things tend to repeat. Thus Valentine's Day $50 million diamond heist in Brussels airport made everyone speechless and showed again that you should never let down your guard when diamonds are concerned.

Preceding heist: In 2003 a group of professional robbers broke into the Diamond Museum in Antwerp by unlocking a vault door and took away a very rich loot estimated at up to $500 million. Stunned everybody were when they found it out on a day after celebration, even the heavy security couldn't stop the robbers. How did they manage to trick it out? But everybody makes mistakes, even robbers, so in a while they were caught and imprisoned. Nevertheless, that heist was called flawless and later became the basis for Flawless movie, where the detailed Antwerp case is thoroughly investigated.

Our days heist: While the previous robbery was calm and noiseless, this one was pompously remarkable. It's hard to imagine but this time the gang dressed in police officers, took guns and drove on armored truck. They paraded through the main Airport entrance, reached the airplane aimed to deliver diamonds and cash to Switzeland and took 12 parcels of diamonds from the plane in a couple of minutes, then they disappeared.

On the one hand, it may sound like a plot to a gangster movie, but it's a part of real life though; on the other, it revealed the weakness of (again) security system. It takes much time to professional thieves to find the hole (sometimes ten years), but when they succeed the plunderage is worth the efforts.

By the way, Notarbartolo, the leader of the Italian gang arrested and accused for diamond heist in 2003, got out of prison on parole four years ago. None of the robbers told where the diamonds are. On Valentine's Day Notabartolo appeared to be in Brussels, odd coincidence you may think? But the heist is pretty different: while the previous one was invisible and very quiet, this one was all action. Either the talented gangster changed his style or it was another professional police is hoping to discover soon.

As you see, where there are diamonds involved, there is always a conflict. They are desired not only by women but by robbers as well. The thing is, unlike cash they are impossible to be traced. It's easy to sell and resell them for a good sum of money. With diamonds you only get a benefit, at least thieves got it.

If you have got any thoughts about this diamond heist, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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