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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Only Effective Way to Protect the Environment

While browsing the internet you will find a great number of ways suggesting you how to save the environment. Or there are lots of BBC and National Geographic documentaries shouting about the devastating impact of mankind on wild nature. You are imposed on a variety of methods how to lessen the destructive impact on nature but it looks like treating the symptoms instead of the problem, which is actually the problem of mind.

Law of Cause and Effect

Buddhism, Christianity and other religions teach the existence of a law of 'cause and effect' but you shouldn't be a religious person to observe the same law in your life. Sir Isaak Newton used the same principle in his third Law of Motion which states the following: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. For example, excessive eating and poor exercising result in health problems sooner or later; uncontrolled spending of money result in debt, etc. But let's come back to environmental problems and take forest cutting as one of the examples.

Forest Cutting

Forests are also called the lungs of the planet, so cutting forests result in reducing the level of oxygen in the air as well as in decreasing relative humidity level since trees pick up moister from soil, filter and purify it to then emit it into the atmosphere in that way increasing humidity. Less humidity result in the rise of temperature, which in turn result in global warming and green house effect. In this case one of the ways to prevent the green house effect is to stop cutting forest. But we took only the main chain as the example and there is a large number of smaller effects triggered by deforestation: soil erosion, destruction of habitats for rare specious of plants and animals, landscape damaging, etc. It will take hundreds of years to restore what was destroyed.

Diamond Mining

Now let's take diamond mining as the example. It's impossible to be an environmentalist and be fond of diamond jewelry especially if you have the least idea of how diamonds are mined. The easiest way to extract them from under the ground is to dig. But the problem is they are too deep so the hole should be wide and deep enough to allow bulldozers and other machinery to get there. You can find the pictures of those terrific mines over the internet, so mining is not environmentally friendly at all as the soil erosion result in destruction of plant and animal habitats turning a huge zone around the mine into a lifeless desert. Moreover, mining implies using water resources what result in water pollution. The thing is that the devastating impact of either forest cutting or diamond mining is known to anyone but why do you think they don't discontinue doing that? Because demand creates supply, not the other way around. Diamond mining will be allowed till there is the demand for diamonds and the demand is growing each year. A vicious circle.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

However, there is the way out first off by changing your mind. Created diamonds are offered as the best substituent for natural diamonds and can't be detected by the naked eye yet many people have certain preconceptions concerning them. Why? You can hear various reasons but the main which people don't usually name is the prestige, the desire to stand out. And the last thing they think about is the environmental protection, which is concerned as the global problem while desire for diamonds is taken as personal aspiration. Wrong thinking! Do not forget about a law of cause and effect. It wasn't hard to make people believe diamonds are forever – a catchy slogan, sexy Marilyn Monroe and they are hooked – but it seems impossible to convince them that diamond mining is devastating for the planet. What slogan do they need to turn their attention to eco-friendly alternatives? So there is one way to protect the environment – change your mind first. Can you do that?

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