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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lab Diamonds Give You a Celebrated Look on Mommy's Budget

Having a million-dollar-baby look doesn't necessarily mean you should spend million on that. There are many ways to save on like you can buy fabulous clothes on sales or even sew it by yourself, visit outlets to get accessories at 70% off their regular price or opt for lab diamonds. Yes, the ability to bring the same effect as of natural diamonds but at lower price also adds to synthetic diamond's positive qualities.

Willingly or not but celebrities are taken by people as fashion trend setters yet apart from brand outfits they usually dazzle with diamonds. While it's not that difficult to find substituent for clothing, it appears impossible to replace diamonds. As it turned out the best way to substitute diamond is... to take another diamond. Indeed there in nothing to substitute this gem in terms of solidity, long-lastiness, wearability and luster. For some time Zirconium was highly appreciated for its very low price and brilliance but the main problem is that it is very scratchable and it fades with time. It seems once diamonds became popular, people have been striving to discover the decent and affordable change for it. Finally they succeeded!

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that are impossible to be distinguished from real ones (as practice showed) and there is only qualified specialist needed to tell the origin of the diamond. As you can guess, all those properties of mined diamonds are there. Now lab diamonds are getting popular among celebrated people who choose them first off due to their eco-friendly properties rather than due to their lower price since they can easily pay for natural gem. Sometimes the price drops to 50% off of the similar but mined gem (it especially concern fancy colored diamonds). Well, it seems any woman can get a celebrated look on her budget now, don't you think so?

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