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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Largest Colorless Lab-Grown Diamond So Far!

It seems there is no better explanation for man-made diamonds selling proposition that was once said by the founder of Gemesis company specializing on creating laboratory diamonds:
"If you give a woman a choice between a 2-carat stone and a 1-carat stone and everything else is the same, including the price, what's she gonna choose? ….Does she care if it's synthetic or not? Is anybody at a party going to walk up to her and ask, 'Is that synthetic?' There's no way in hell. So I'll bite your ass if she chooses the smaller one."
While with naturally created diamonds this is not a problem at all to grow to the a desirable size but with the size the price grows as well since large stones are incredibly rare in nature. For the manufacturers of lab grown diamonds the demand for larger stones turns into a powerful boost for finding ways and improving technologies in order to culture sought-after gems. The success is evident – the largest colorless diamond grown in the laboratory conditions is 1.06 carat in size. Manufactured by D.Nea Diamonds, it beat its 1.05ct forerunner. Though the difference is so tiny, but this is a small step towards big changes and improvements that, as a rule, consist of lots of those small steps. Now briefly about the diamond itself: this is the G color, IF clarity diamond of radiant cut with a price tag of $5,966 what is $5,628 per a carat. One the one hand, the price doesn't differ much from that of a natural stone, but on the other by opting for man made diamonds you demonstrate your consciousness concerning today's ecological situation. Well, it sounds great when you can enjoy a big diamond jewel without making any harm to the environment, don't you find?

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