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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Park “Seasoned” With Diamonds

Diamond is a known attraction and whatever the girl says she can't stop admiring this sparkling gem. So when there is an opportunity to go to the Crater of Diamonds State Park where diamonds can be found here and there, surely it shouldn't be missed. Neither did Andrea missed hers, as if gratified for that she found a 2.10 carat brown diamond.

This is a story about Andrea and her family (nine members in total), who decided to celebrate Andrea's birthday at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. It may sound symbolic but diamond is her birthstone, actually for anyone born in April, that is why it was settled to go to the park which is literally speaking seasoned with diamonds. What if she is lucky to find one? And she was!
This is not the first case when a park visitor finds the diamond. This year there were 144 diamonds found there and Andrea's is the sixth weighing 1+ carat. Hers is even larger than 2 carats! Andrea nicknamed her tea brown lucky find the Andrea Birthday Diamond. By the way, brown diamonds are difficult to find because they are perfectly camouflaged. Apart from brown there are also white (most popular) and yellow diamonds (the rarest here).
The park staff is anxious about Andrea's family trip especially when she got the best present ever. They say that there were lots of rainstorms in March which helped to wash dirt away so that it was easy to spot the sparkling stone on a sunny day.
The former mine is know for its large finds: the Uncle Sam (40.23 carats), the Star of Murfreesboro (34.25 carats) and the Star of Arkansas (15.33 carats).
Apart from diamonds there are other semi-precious stones found in the park's area such as agate, amethyst, barite, calcite, peridot, garnet, jasper and quartz.
There is the Crater of Diamonds State Park's address, just in case: 209 State Park Road, Murfreesboro, AR. Try your luck and let us know about it!

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