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Monday, April 15, 2013

GemFest — the Fest of Diamond Gems in Tokyo

This is GIA that held the even in Japan, the country that got a chance to have a closer look onto the world of colored diamonds. This is the second GemFest in the “Land of the Rising Sun”, following the opening of the GIA laboratory in Tokyo in December, 2012.

According to John King, the chief quality officer of GIA, Japan is now the world's leading consumer market for colored diamonds. It wasn't until mid 90th that colored diamonds became the object of interest of not only royal and rich people but of usual customers either. King focused on most rare colors that ever emerged in GIA lab, they are green, blue, blue-green, pinkish orange and purple. However, there is now a high demand for pale colors which are graded as F, G, H and I (D to Z scale). He also stressed on treated diamonds, synthetics gems and HPHT treated colors.

GIA laboratories can boast a long history, thus lots of graded colored diamonds are behind their belt. Among the world-know colored gems once evaluated by GIA there are the Hope, Sun Drop, Wittelsbach-Graff and Dresden Green. Some rare diamonds were showcased during the GemFest, among those there were the De Beers Diamond, Bulgari Blue, Princie Diamond and Dresden Green.

The number of diamonds given for evaluation has grown at 30% since 2010 as if giving a proof for a steady customer's interest toward colored gems. The most common color for colored diamonds is yellow, then it is followed by pink.
As you can see, the interest for diamonds never fades, it may increase or decrease in course of time, but people seem never stop admiring them either as jewelry pieces or options for investments.

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