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Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Celebrate Earth Day

You can find many articles in the internet offering you lots of activities connected with this day, something like “10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day” or “5 Smart Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Kids”, etc. It's great when you plant a tree and ride a bicycle this day, when you make a bird feeder and clean up litter in a nearby location, but there is one more point to add to that list of activities people usually omit – opt for man-made diamonds.

Briefly about man-made or synthetic diamonds

The term of synthetic diamonds is not new. If not to be a skeptical scientist who operates the dates only, it probably appeared with the first diamond jewelry, because as long as diamonds exist there were always the attempts to find out a gem equal or similar to them. However, the first synthetic diamond created in the lab was reportedly made in 1953. Since that time lab grown diamonds immediately found industrial application because they possessed all needed characteristic of natural diamonds to satisfy the needs of engineers. Superior thermal conductivity and solidity can't be find in any other stone but for synthetic and natural diamonds. Yet with all physical properties lab grown diamonds also inherited stunning optical characteristics like luster and brilliance and gradually they won fine jewelry market as well. Now synthetic diamonds make a tough competition to mined. Why? Because they are impossible to identify at first sight. So, if they are so good, why people are still not sure about buying them?

Some reasons why people hesitate to buy synthetic diamonds
First off, because they were imposed the idea that diamonds are lady's best friends with an accent on their 'unique' and 'wild-nature' origin throwing man made off the boat.
Second, people tend to think that the more expensive thing is, the better it is. It doesn't work in all cases, often you can get similar things for a lower price.
Third, they believe that mined diamonds has some kind of a zest which it gets in its place location deep under the ground. Maybe, but think about all those tons of rock miners should dig to find one.
Forth, some people believe it's prestigious to have mined diamond jewelry because this is quite the one his/her friend has.
If you have more ideas on this issue, please share them with us!

The benefits of man-made diamonds to the Earth
Let not forget about Earth Day, the date when people try concentrate maximum attention on how to lessen the devastating effect of human activities on our mother planet. If you think that mining is not that harmful, you are completely wrong. The hole in the ground is only a half of the problem, but the aftereffects it has are numerous and devastating. Water and air pollution, soil corrosion, destruction of unique ecosystems – this is not the full list of bad impact of diamond mining. Instead, there is a better alternative – synthetic diamonds. They are absolutely eco-friendly with no harmful impact on the nature, they don't apply digging or water rinsing, so they have nothing to cause damage to the nature. Add to that a conflict-free characteristic and they seem a perfect substituent for mined stones and an effective way to protect the environment.

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