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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Great Gatsby Movie is Bringing Forth Mania for the 1920s Styles

Every person has at least one object of infatuation, from kids to adults, and with age they are getting pricier. For example, on watching the Toy Story cartoon the counters of toy stores seemed to break under the weight of a great number of accessories from Woody's hat to Buzz Lightyear spaceships. You could hardly resist your kids whining begging you to buy one. A familiar situation? It's the same situation with adults yet with one difference: their accessories are much more expensive. So now after The Great Gatsby hit the cinemas the counters will dazzle with incredible jewelry.

Only a couple of days had passed since The Great Gatsby movie release date, however the movie critics foretold its success long before it appeared in the cinemas. Luxury in every detail from sense to style, this movie covers you with a wave of craving you feel towards the characters created by the actors. Of course, you can't repeat the past, but you are responsible for your present. Beautiful attire is a half of the success, but these are accessories to complete the style. Among those is the jewelry. Speaking about Daisy Buchanan, she wore lots of jewelry.

Tiffany and Brooks Brothers, the high-end jewelry designers, in cooperation with stylists were aimed to help create outfits for the actors. Both companies took the task seriously and stirred up their archives to design the items typical for the Jazz Era. Do you like Daisy Buchanan's headpiece? You can get one at Tiffany now. There is a Ziegfeld collection based on 1920s designs once offered by the jeweler that is specifically released for movie fans. The companies took pains to enable the customers live up the 1920s era by wearing their outfits. Surely, you can add some spice to your look by picking up diamonds to dazzle, if you prefer to copy Daisy Buchanan's look be ready to break the bank.

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