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Monday, June 10, 2013

Brown Diamonds: Origin and Benefits

Since the Natural Color Diamond Association is now planning to focus on brown diamonds right after the blue ones, let's be in step with them. October 2013 might be called the brown diamond month because many specialists, diamond manufacturers, entrepreneurs and simply diamond lovers are going to discuss mainly the diamonds of noble brown color.

In fact brown diamonds belong to conventional category of fancy colored diamonds, but they are beautiful enough to give more attention to them. They can be of various shades and used to bare aristocratic names: cognac diamonds, champaign diamonds, coffee diamonds, latte diamonds and chocolate diamonds. Such tasty titles are as tempting as the diamonds themselves. But what made them so captivatingly beautiful?

Origin of Brown Diamonds

The number of scientific researches made to understand the origin of such an attractive color is uncountable. It's not that easy to discover the secrets of the Mother Nature to, for example, later implement them in real life. As far as the hues of brown are numerous, the reasons that caused diamond color are numerous, too. These are impurities – in case of brown this is nickel that tints the diamond brown – then irradiation treatment and at last lattice defects (by the way, the last is considered as predominant reason). Before, when brown diamonds were treated as defected, they undergone 'lattice healing' procedure with the implementation of high pressure high temperature, so that they could acquire yellow or even white color. Now brown color is treated as exceptional and most beautiful diamonds proudly settle on lady's hands and wrists.

What's So Special About Brown Diamonds

Their beauty is! The concept 'Tastes Differ' works for brown diamonds as well. Shades of brown are like finger prints – numerous. From light yellowish-brown to dark deep brown with tints of gold. So when asked what the best hue is, it's impossible to answer one word, a person should see to compare and find out what's the most appealing tint is. The most common shades of brown are:
Chocolate – dark drown
Chocolate Orange – dark orangy brown
Champaign – golden yellow brown
Cognac – yellowish brown
Gold – intense yellowish brown
Thus a special feature of brown diamonds is their unique, exceptional rich color. Now it's getting clear why a special attention is given to these diamonds. Enjoy them or find out more about red diamonds if you like.

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