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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Koi Diamond: When Perfection Doesn't Matter

Diamond is always a symbol of purity, longevity, beauty and perfection. The last characteristic can't be applied to the Koi Diamond for sure. Yet in this case Koi's imperfection turns it into a unique, absolutely exclusive diamond.

The Koi Diamond was named after a Japanese Koi fish, an ornamental white-and-orange carp. This is a 32-carat diamond with unusual mix of colors: white that is spotted with big orange blotches, yellowish, blue and even black spots. The diamond was mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2003 of a larger size than it is now – 60 carat. In five years it was cut into a pear-shaped diamond in Antwerp where it is stored so far.

A unique stone demands special treatment that is why Tom Moses, the senior vice president of the Gemological Institute of America, invited Eddy Elzas, the famed Belgian colored diamond specialist, to give consultations on grading the Koi diamond.

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