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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Show Off Your Pride For Your Country

The 4th of July is a great holiday for the whole American nation. This is the day when every citizen can retrospect to a period of country formation, to see how huge the changes are and to thank God for the time we are living in now.

Each holiday is a good reminder of the events in the past but in order to make it more visual there should be kind of symbols. As for the Independence Day there are more than enough attributes of the holiday: stars and stripes seen everywhere from meals to T-shirts, unforgettable firework show, traditional movies watched on this day and an eagle symbol. Let's pay attention to the last from the row.

Eagle... Later in the morning the desert sun heats the ground and there are ascending air current that is spreading its invisible hands towards the heavens. And suddenly a magnificent bird as if by the inner signal spreads its mighty wings and shoot upwards. This is a king of birds — an Eagle. Without any vivid efforts but with great power the eagle waves its wings once or twice and then soars. Eagle can soar higher, father and longer than any other bird on the planet. It can be almost imperceptible to the human eye, turning into a small dot on the background of the vast blueness.

Nearly every person who at least once had seen a graceful flying of an eagle imagined himself in the place of this magnificent bird. Freedom and mightiness are always associated with eagles, that is why this is probably the best symbol for such a great country as the United States are. You can have this symbol not only on the 4th of July but every time you feel proud for your country – a pendant is the most noble form to reproduce the beauty of the bird. Eagle pendants are most sold on this day in the US being a nice souvenir as well as accessory. But if you want it to be more personal with a touch of taste you can buy a golden pendant encrusted with a diamond. A precious gem is to underline smooth bird's shapes, while the mighty beak or claws grasping the diamond may look even more impressive.

Let this day be a special one with a symbol to suit the event!

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