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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dug Out a Diamond with Bare Hands

The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, never lacks visitors. People with a never fading hope to find there the most beautiful gem there visit it on a regular basis, just like Terry Staggs, a lucky guy who found his so passionately desired gem after about 28 years of non-stopping searching.
Crater of Diamonds is the only park on the globe open to people where every visitor has a chance to find natural diamonds, literally speaking a diamond-producing park. Terry Staggs is known as a regular visitor of the park.
Living in Kentucky, twice a year he had a tradition of leaving his house and traveling to Arkansas in a search of longing gems. This year he celebrated the Independence Day right there in the park and it turned to be an unforgettable July 4! That day he was wandering around the 911 acre area for two or three hours before he stumbled upon a 2.95 carat diamond. According to the park and state policy, you keep the find. So now Terry Staggs is the owner of a real diamond he spent about 30 years of his life on.

It must be said that Staggs' finding wasn't the biggest one, yet is among the largest of 304 diamonds that had been discovered this year. According to the American Gem Society, the Crater of Diamonds park can boast the most famous findings ever: the Uncle Sam Diamond, the biggest diamond found in North America, and the Strawn-Wagner Diamond, the most perfect diamond ever found in North America.

Let us remind you about AndreaBirthday Diamond, a 2.10 carat brown diamond found by Andrea who came with her family in the park to celebrate her birthday there. An unforgettable trip it was that ended up with a precious present.

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