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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

De Beers Phenomena: What Is It?

While the name De Beers is known if not to every fiancee looking for a diamond engagement ring for his loved one, then to diamond experts for sure, but the phrase 'De Beers Phenomena' may sound surprisingly new. So what is this phenomena?

De Beers Phenomena is the new High Jewelry Collection that was unveiled during Paris Couture Week. The even was not randomly chosen. High fashion is a similar art as fine jewelry and both managed to complement each other during the event.

The name 'Phenomena' is not a random choice as well. The idea of the collection is to convey the beauty, power and grace of natural phenomena created by water. The collection consists of twenty pieces across five sets: Glacier, Frost, Stream, Reef and Crest. These phenomena are expressed through medium of magnificent diamonds, each excuisite in its natural beauty, intensified by magnificent designs. Each piece of the collection was carefull crafted in order to not injure the innate allure and grace of a gem. This are pieces of art that are worth contemplating!

 This is De Beers Phenomena Frost Diamond Necklace on the picture.

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