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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Five Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

There are many factors that make diamonds so talked about, like color, size, purity, brilliance, and many more. But this is also the price tag that turns any gem into a legendary jewel. With flawless diamonds the price breaks all limits exceeding tens of millions of dollars. That is why to satisfy everyone's curiosity we offer the list of five most expensive diamonds so far:

1 The Graff Pink, a fancy intense pink diamond, was named after its owner, the diamond dealer Laurence Graff. This is a 24.78-carat round-cornered rectangular step-cut diamond. Evidently the buyer knew the real value of the stone since he overpaid $19 million of the minimal estimated price. The diamond mounted in a ring was expected to fetch between $27 million to $38 million, however Laurence Graff parted with $46 million for the opportunity to be the sole owner of the most expensive single jewel on the planet named after him.

2 The Princie Diamond. Apparently, time and place matters much when diamond sale is concerned. The Graff Pink was sold in Geneva, November 15, 2010 for $46 million while The Princie Diamond that is about 10 carats larger (34.65 carat) was sold in New York in April 16, 2013 for $39.3 million. The Princie Diamond was graded as a fancy intense pink diamond of VS2 clarity and of a noble cushion shape. This diamond is believed to be the third largest natural pink diamond in the world.

3 The Winston Legacy won the status of most talked about diamond in May 15, 2013 when it fetched $26.7 million at Christie's Jewels sale in Geneva. It set the auction record as the most expensive colorless diamond ever sold. The buyer is a known American jeweler Harry Winston, who renamed the diamond after this good deal. The Winston Legacy is the D-color, flawless, pear-shaped diamonds of a huge size – 101.73 carats. By the way, not only the diamond but the whole sale was record-breaking. It garnered $102.1 million, the largest amount ever gained at Christie's auction.

4 The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond belongs to Laurence Graff, who surely has an eye for perfect diamonds. The English jeweler bought a fancy deep-blue 31.06-carat diamond in 2008 for $24.3 million. Initially it weighted 35.56 carats but in 2009 it was recut to 31.06-carat size by three diamond cutters who removed flaws. Now this is an internally flawless diamond that is #4 in the list of most expensive world's diamonds.

5 The Perfect Pink is the third fancy intense pink diamond in the list that can boast a record-holding price. It was sold at Christie's auction in Hong Kong in 2010 for $23.2 million making it the priciest jewel ever sold in Asia. There was an intense bidding war between four customers till the diamond was sold. The buyer decided to remain anonymous. The Perfect Pink is a 14.23-carat fancy intense diamond, one of 18 pink diamonds larger than 10 carats that have ever come up for sale in 244 years.

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