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Friday, October 18, 2013

Diamond Grillz — Freak, Fashion Whim or a Means to Improve Oral Health

Once there was RyanLochte, the Olympic gold-winner in swimming, this time Katy Perry was spotted wearing precious grillz. The tendency is gaining momentum. But is it just a freaky thing of celebrity or do they know the real value of diamond encrusted grillz?

The idea of using diamond-encrusted teeth has serious medical grounds. Scientists have discovered that diamonds of small spherical shape can increase the durability of dental implants and promote bone growth. They can also fight diseases and improve oral health.
The problem of osteonecrosis can also be sold with the help of diamonds. This is a potentially debilitating disease that causes bones breakdown due to reduced blood flow. Miniscule gems can help combat the illness being implanted in teeth.

Japanese scientists from the NanoCarbon Research Institute and engineers from the UCLA found out that nanodiamonds (4-5 nanometers in diameter) can help to deliver proteins in the mouth cavity and thus to prevent osteonecrosis. Osteonecrosis is a serious disease that affects the jaw bone, damage it and prevents people from speaking and eating. The study on nanodiamond implants can be found in the Journal of Dental Research. Currently instead of nanodiamonds a sponge is implanted in the bone to help administer proteins. But things are going to change soon. The operation promised to be less time-consuming and more effective.

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