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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Orange Diamond on Sale

The last couple of years can justly called “Colored-diamonds fever” with investors, celebrities and common customers looking for diamond gems of exquisite colors. Their unique beauty is not the only reason for that and sky-high price tag is not an obstacle on the way of winning the bet. The thing is the price for colored diamonds grows from year to year, meaning after a year of admiration the owner of a one-of-a-kind diamond can yearn on it. Mostly pinks and blues are in the center of everyone's attention and anxiety, but this time this is “The orange” gem to fascinate the customers.

A beautiful pear-shaped diamond called “The Orange” after its sunshine color is graded vivid orange (it is a luck to find one), VS1, type IIa. It will be offered for sale on November 12 at Christie's auction, just about the same time as the highly talked about “Pink Star” will be offered for sale in Geneva.

As the experts of Gemological Institute of America (GIA) noted, the diamonds of orange vivid color larger than four carats after polishing are very rare. The Orange is 14.82 carats in size, what is about four times larger than usual size range.

The orange diamonds contain less yellow color while orangy yellow are not that seldom and saturated. Though the margin between both of them is so thin, the price shows the real value. The presale estimate of The Orange varies between $17 million to $20 million.

In 1882 Edwin Streeter, the honorable gemologist, entitled orange diamonds as fire diamonds. In this perspective the buyer of The Orange is going to be a special person nicknamed “the owner of the fire!”.

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