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Friday, December 6, 2013

Marketing Strategies Concerning Natural Diamonds

Diamond mining companies are going to change their marketing strategies to promote mined diamonds aggressively since man-made diamonds are winning the jewelry market over. This is the idea of a diamond mining giant like De Beers as well as smaller producers of natural rough diamonds. De Beers only has 81 clients who are troubled by the issue of how to cope with man-made diamonds on the market of fine jewelry. So this is the problem for diamantaries for today.

But this is also a problem of undetected synthetic diamonds. De Beers found an effective so far way to solve it: they offer specialized machines for rental to help identify synthetic diamonds and keep the diamond industry honest. There should be a strict division between synthetic and mined stones to not to confuse the customers. De Beers made an announcement that they are working on a diamond-detecting machine that will be able to treat up to 360 diamonds an hour. Diamond retailers are to expect it in the first half of the next year.

Martin Rapaport keeps on emphasizing that synthetic diamonds are impossible to define with the naked eye. Even with a simple diamond-detecting tool like magnifier it would be hard, better say impossible, to distinguish them. According to the chairman of the Rapaport Group, man-made diamonds make a real threat to the diamond mining industry. But while diamantaries are taking care of the industry they don't take into account the interests of the customers. The reason why synthetic diamonds are getting so popular is that they are cheaper and at the same time identical to mined by properties. Logically people give preference to what doesn't make a threat to their budget yet fully satisfy their demands. Cut and polished synthetic diamonds are as sparkling and solid as mined stones, so once there is a natural and man-made beside they look identical. But one point is absolutely fair that De Beers and Rapatort are fighting for: the customers should be aware of the product they buy lest it threatens their confidence in these stones.

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