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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Diamonds Worth $200,000 Lost and Found

Diamonds may inspire someone to criminal actions like stealing and smuggling, but on the other hand they may reveal moral traits of a person. When a young Israeli diamond dealer found a pack of diamonds worth $200,000 he didn't treat it like a jackpot of his life but returned a bad to its owner.
This is how it happened.

The Bnei Brak jeweler was in the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan on Thursday and happened to notice that someone left a satchel with diamonds there. It was on the floor and the man picked it up. He saw that there were diamonds in there and took it right to the legal department. He wanted to appraise it to find out the value and its owner first of all.

“I did not even think about keeping it. I was taught not to take anything that is not mine,” the finder of the diamonds said.

As it turned out later the man who lost diamonds was a veteran jeweler who didn't even hope to get his diamonds back once he noticed he lost them. The son of the jeweler said that the diamonds were not theirs and they didn't have insurance, meaning that they would have to compensate the loss value in full.
“The person who returned it is a righteous man. I do not think that there are too many people like him. I'm pleasantly surprised,” the owner of diamonds said.

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