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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Huge Blue Diamond Found at Cullinan

It seems there are no other talks in the diamond sphere but for rare blue diamond that was extracted from Cullinan mine. This is not the color that stirred the noise as far as blue diamonds are found regularly, though it less amount than white or yellow. This is the size of it that caused a wow effect.

The Petra Diamond mine 'gave birth' to a 122.52 carat blue diamond that makes this finding really significant. Petra is known as the worlds source of blue diamonds. Last year they managed to sell a 25.5 carat stone for $16.9 million, so it's hard to image how much this giant will cost. The truth is that blue diamonds are and have always been incredibly rare. Many of big blue stones have an entangled story that even adds to the price. These days jewels of this color are highly sought-after and collectable so there's hardly the sale without any blue diamonds.

These are the inclusions of boron that are trapped in the crystal carbon structure. They add color to the stone and raise its value. But it's hard to speak about the value of the latest finding because specialists need some time to analyse the stone to determine its cost.

Apart from blue diamonds Petra specializes on colorless, too. In 1905 there was found the famous Cullinan diamond of 3106.75 carats in size. It was later split into two parts to cut the Great Star of Africa and the Second Star of Africa.

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