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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alternative or Ethical Diamond Wedding Rings

Even though the technological development never stands still, some people aspire for ethical options rather than modern ones. Not only super up-to-date devices are meant, but it also concerns engagement and wedding rings.

Diamond mining is one of the most devastating procedure that has a global influence. No matter what most of the miners say, the destructive results of diamond extraction are evident. With that people are prone to steady traditions and it seems there is nothing to break one when a man has to propose with a diamond ring. No one can say where it came from but surely no one is going to put an end to it. Even more, with time it became cluttered with myths and legends about a meaning of a diamond in a ring. So to find the balance between these two ideas there are 3 alternative ethical diamond rings options for environmentally conscious people:

1 A family ring that is handed down from generation to generation. It's also a kind of tradition is some families, a good one. Since diamond is the most solid, unbreakable and never fading stone it can serve to many generations. Such ring is also surrounded by family history, what adds even more value to it. It's unique due to a story it has. A hand-me-down diamond wedding ring is meaningful. You can continue that tradition or launch it in case there is no one in your family.

2 Lab-growndiamond engagement rings are getting popular among ethically conscious couple. Why? Because first off growing a diamond in the laboratory doesn't have destructive effect on the nature. Second, it's visually indistinguishable from diamonds mined from under the ground. Third, man-made diamonds are of the same quality as natural stones. Next, they are less expensive so that a couple can save on wedding rings for the sake of their future family budget.

3 Memorial diamonds. They are similar to lab-grown diamonds with the only difference that they are grown from the locks of hair (or ahes) of the person you want to keep the memory of forever. Memorial diamond can be white or colored. You can choose a design and a size of a stone. Memorial diamond rings are sure to bring a tint of romance to your wedding and family life.

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