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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Diamond Ring Can One Day Turn Into a Cubic Zirconia Ring

It really can happen and even happened with some clients of one NJ pawn shop. So this is the story of how a Toms River pawn shop huddled a cheat.

Aaron's Gold is a pawn shop in NJ with Ann Paris, a 65-years old lady being an owner, and her nephew Walter Hodnovich Jr. being her manager. Both were arrested a couple of days ago because they were accused in buying stolen jewelry. Surely, they knew the original price for precious items and they could guess it was stolen but instead of informing the police both decided to earn on that case. Conspirators paid only $140 for a double platinum ring that was estimated at $15,000. Moreover, they changed a diamond in a ring into cubic zirconia. By that they broke the rule that the item purchased by a pawn shop should never be altered. Nobody knows whether this was the first time of such kind of a cheat or similar cases happened before. It may happen that the clients of this pawn shop who applied for their help brought back an imitation diamond jewelry instead of a real one.

In this case the owner of the jewelry was found and she had the pictures of jewelry at home, so she could prove the authenticity of each item. But as you see, diamonds have always been, still are and most likely will be an apple of discord for many.

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