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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Six Filipino Artists Tried Themselves in Designing Diamond Jewelry

This idea came to DENOVO, the jewelry company found and owned by Caryll and Jose Benitez. Each of six designers had a chance to represent his/her own line in the whole unique ensemble. The idea was to not simply make a jewel for the sake of a jewel but to tell a story with the help of a breathtaking tool – diamond jewelry. Being speechless, jewelry still can say things about its owner without words. Are you an arrogant, provoking or romantic person? Sometimes you can't say that about yourself with words, so there is jewelry to do that instead of you and there are six best storytellers to do the job. So this is what they told in their collections:

Simian – was created by Neil Felipp, a kind of playful diamond-encrusted collections. To underline playfulness the designer used monkeys in gold and silver. Funny creatures look awesome and brilliant now. When asked where he drew the inspiration, Mr. Felipp confessed that from Aladdin cartoon. Do you remember Abu monkey there? This is the source!

Equilibrium – this is a balance and firmness that fit a man-leader. This line was specifically created for men by Jinggoy Buensuceso, a metal sculptor. The color palette is strict and classic: black and white prevail. The lines are strong, the diamonds are many.

La Collezione Promessa — was presented by Maureen Disini, a fashion designer. After her visit to Italy Ms. Disini couldn't resist her aspiration to create a romantic wedding rings collection, so tender and fragile as her impression of the country. They are the rings made of platinum and yellow gold with emerald and marquis cut diamonds mounted.

Crystal Dew — was inspired by beauty of the nature and embodied by Olivia D'Aboville, a textile sculptor. Diamonds are like drops of dew scattered over golden twigs and corrals making a discreet yet ambitious accent.

Seraph – collection full of feathers and wings covered with black diamonds. This is Leeroy New sculptor who sees the world through this mythical prism and offers others to try to imagine it this way.

Global – the idea of this line was grasped from world greatest architectural landmarks like the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the Metropolitan Cathedral in Rio de Janeiro, etc. The author is Cheryl Tiu, the editor and columnist who knows much about that and metamorphosed that into jewelry design.

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