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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Let It Go! Or Let the Diamond Rings Fly in the Sky

After the Weeks family had found helium balloons with two rings – wedding and engagement – tied to them as a weight, there are plenty of versions about rings mystery. But all of them have one thing in common – a sad background, a broken heart. Most likely the person/couple tried to let all the memories about the past go.
One thing comes in mind speaking about this story – the words from Rihanna's song “Diamonds” (diamonds in the sky) came true! Or better to say diamonds fall down from the sky, what is a dream for a great number of people and sounds like a happy luck. At least for Melany Weeks and her family. This is how it happened.

The Weeks live in Winfield, Alabama. One day they noticed two blue helium balloons that were lying saggy on the grass. The family didn't pay much attention to them because a couple of days before that their neighbors celebrated a birthday party, so they decided that were the remnants of the celebration. The next day Melany's sons decided to throw the balloons into a trash bin and found an unexpected prize.
Melany Weeks made a huge stir in Facebook trying to find the owners of the rings. She also addressed a local newspaper to make sure she used all possible methods to find the owners of the rings. By now they are in the police waiting for the owners to come, though there are doubts they will. It's unlikely the rings flew away by accident. In case there are people looking for them they can come to a safekeeping bureau and describe the rings. As said by Melany, they are 'distinctive' so it won't be hard to find out real owners. Let's keep your fingers crossed for the owner to appear and reveal the mystery.

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