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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Synthetic Diamond Sets the Record

Speaking about the record in terms of diamonds, usually the only thing matters – diamond's size. Indeed, the amount of carats in a diamond gem may skyrocket the price to unbelievable extent. The larger the gem, is the more desired it becomes. Big diamonds are mined from time to time, though they are rare, but when synthetic diamonds are concerned the size here can be a stumbling block.

Thanks to modern technologies diamonds can be grown synthetically inside special chambers under certain conditions. Engineers can make them blue or yellow depending on the wish of a client but it doesn't matter how hard they try they can't grow them large. The record size for a synthetic diamond is 3 carats and the company that can boast such a success in diamond-growing technology is Pure Grown Diamonds (formerly Gemesis).

The diamond is of K color and SI1 clarity . This is a stone of a gem quality so it can fit a nicely designed jewelry piece. Lisa Bissell, a CEO of Pure Grown Diamonds, says: We are ecstatic to once again celebrate technology and innovation in grown diamonds. It is very gratifying to break our own records and reach the three carat milestone”.

There are also the previous records the company is proud of: this is a 1.29-carat emerald-cut diamond of E color and VVS2 clarity. It was later followed by 1.78-carat princess-cut stone of G color and SI1 clarity.

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