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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Agatha Christie's Jewelry Found

Agatha Christie, a world known novelist of murder and mystery stories, had been entangled in a mystery herself even many ago after her death. It happened when a fan of her, who bought an old suitcase as a thing to remind about Agatha, discovered a box of jewelry inside.

The fan, who decided to remain anonymous, said that she bought a suitcase in 2006 at the contents of the Greenway estate. That time she paid about $160 for that old traveling case. Inside she saw a locked box, but since the key was lost a new owner didn't bother much on opening it. Four years passed until she had that box opened. That time she had her building work done and got a chance to use some building tools to wretch it open. What she found there stunned her greatly: a purse of golden coins, a ring with three diamonds and a diamond brooch. Most likely all these stuff belonged to Agatha Christie's mother. Now she is selling an ancient brooch ($10,000-$16,000) and a diamond ring ($6,000-$9,000).

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