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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The One Hundred Bracelet Dazzles With A Hundred of Diamonds

Rahaminov Diamonds, a diamond jewelry company that won a JCK Jewelers' Choice Award two years in a row, seems to challenge for another prize this year. They have created a unique bracelet which has no equals in the world. It is called “The One Hundred” where 'hundred' stands for a number of diamonds.

Rahaminov Diamonds are know for their bold experiment with color and design. They often use fancy colored diamonds in their collection. The latter are always a win-win option. When there are one hundred of them they are certainly magnetic. The One Hundred bracelet name is self-explanatory. The jewel is made of 18-karat pink gold. The variety of colors and shapers are impressive! You can see fancy green, fancy dark green, fancy yellow, fancy brown pink, fancy intense green, fancy intense yellow, fancy orange brown just to name a few. The shapes include square, brilliant, heart, oval, cushion, pear and on and on! Each diamond in carefully mounted into a bezel setting, the bracelet is 100% hand-made with no analogy in the world. Most of the diamonds used are certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

Most likely the jewelers took pains to make it flexible yet effective. All bezel-wrapped stones are skillfully linked to each other with the help of platinum links. The result it a fluid-like bracelet. This is definitely a bold jewelry, both by the design and price. Though the latter hasn't been announced yet, but the connoisseur should definitely have a deep pocket to buy one.

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