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Friday, September 19, 2014

Julien Macdonald Unveiled a Multi-Million-Dollar Diamond-Encrusted Wedding Dress

How many Welsh fashion designer do you know? Laura Ashley, Kate Lambert, Timothy Everest are among them but Julien Macdonald is the one that is most talked about now. The reason is his diamond-encrusted wedding dress which he unveiled during Fashion Week 2014 in London.

This was the highlight of Macdonald's show, the podium was a match to a gown's beauty – the Royal Opera House. The dress was presented by Abbey Clancy while the Welsh designer got a status of the king of sparkle. The price was also announced - $6.5 million!

The whole collection of dresses was a stun! Elegant pencil dresses, up-to-ankle flowy dresses, babydoll gowns but the final attire was the most sparkling one. Some dresses are so tight with large prints they would rather look like tattoos: so sexy and eye-catching.

When asked what inspired Julien Macdonald to create such a collection, he said he was thinking about alluring mermaids decorated with buried treasures. In the most important day in her life a bride deserves the best dress, why not this one?

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