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Sunday, January 13, 2013

From Fiancée to Bachelorette: Britney Spears Returned Her Diamond Engagement Ring to Jason Trawick

Private life of celebrities are usually in public hands, they can hardly do or say anything without being spot on the front page. This is a kind of tribute to their fame. Marriages and divorces are especially talked about and Britney Spears is now in the center of everybody's attention: she broke up with her fiancé Jason Trawick being on her half way to marriage.

Singer's mind is a stranger to everyone but there is an assumption about the possible cause for breakup. Britney Spears claimed to want more children while her starlet boyfriend could not imagine himself being a daddy. But this fact didn't spoil couple's relationships completely: they still continue to be the best friends for each other.

But now let's focus on an engagement ring a bit. This was Neil Lane platinum and diamond ring with stones going all the way around the finger. It is believed that only platinum is the most appropriate set for diamonds as it never fades and changes color, just like the stones set in it. The swanky ring cost $90,000 to Jason Trawick.

Let's compare it with other celebrated rings, for instance DrewBarrymore's ring is estimated to have cost $80,000, CourtneyRobertson had a $85,000-worth ring, Carrie Underwood's yellow diamond engagement ring cost her fiancé $150,000, and the most talked about Jennifer Lopez's pinkengagement ring is priced at $1,2 million. However the most expensive diamond engagement ring belongs to Beyonce ($5 million).
Tell us, what engagement ring is your fave?

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