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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The List of Most Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings

How to be a man means you should build a house, plant a tree and bear a son. To propose with a diamond engagement ring – be it the continuation of a known phrase. Indeed, a diamond engagement ring is not simply the symbol of 'pure & perfect' love, but it shows man's serious intentions, level of his well-being and, well, how generous he is. Moreover, it's not the privilege of celebrities only. According to statistics, 75% of first-time brides are proposed with a diamond engagement ring. However, it's diamond engagement rings of celebrities that are most talked about. So let not break this tradition and talk about them, too.

Inspired by the previous post and by many other scattered around this blog, we decided to make a list of most expensive diamond engagement rings:

1 – This is Beyonce who has taken the first place. There is no other bride in the whole world who has been proposed with more expensive ring than hers. The estimated cost of Beyonce's ring is $5 million. Designed by Lorraine Shwartz this outstanding solitaire ring holds an 18 carat emerald cut colorless diamond.

2 – Large but less expensive ParisHilton's engagement ring holds the second position. Her ring is covered with 24 carats of diamonds and had a 'fat' price tag - $4.7 million. Probably, she found it a bit bulky for every day wear that's why she got a simplified ring from Cartier.

3 – There is a large break in price between the first two and Kim Kardashian's engagement ring. Amazingly beautiful, this emerald cut ring cost $2 million to Kim's loved one. Diamonds are forever, marriages are not unfortunately and even such an expensive ring can't save it from crashing.

4 – Cushion-cut fancy yellow diamond ring that is now on Heidi Klum's ring finger is none the less famous as its wearer. Not only the proposal was a huge surprise for a German-American model but a large 12-carat solitaire ring of a sunny shade. It costs around $1.5 million.

5 – Jennifer Lopez with her 6.1 caratpink diamond engagement ring given by Ben Affleck in on the 5th place. Taking into account lady's as well as Jennifer Lopez's love for shade, Ben Affleck spent $1.2 million for the ring in 2002. Considering the tendency for fancy diamond market price, it's cost should be much higher now.

6 – A known actress, who is also known as Brad Pitt's ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston was proposed with $1 million-worth diamond engagement ring. The heart of her solitaire giant is a 10-carat colorless diamond, the shape is something between cushion and emerald.

7 – Another Hollywood actress, who is now Brad Pitt's actual wife, Angelina Jolie was given a one-of-a-kind diamond ring estimated at $500,000. This is not the price that makes it special, but the design which was accurately created by Brad Pitt in collaboration with Robert Procop. An emerald-cut center gem is surrounded by smaller emerald-cut stones. Well, there is no other celebrity with a similar ring, is it?

8 – Halle Berry goes next. She shows her strong love for fancy colored diamonds. Probably after wearingblue diamond necklace she hinted her fiancée-to-be she wants something outstanding, so now she is wearing a green engagement ring estimated at $200,000. Having a green emerald in the center, this is the ring with a message that only the couple can decipher.

9 – Carrie Underwood has passion for colored diamonds, too. A special lady deserves a special ring! Her round yellow diamond engagement ring has a $150,000 price tag and a 5-carat yellow diamond circled by small white diamonds. The ring perfectly adds to her gold locks and looks charming.

10 – This was not so long ago wediscussed Britney Spears' engagement and this is her ring that brought her to this list. Jason Trawick is not a stingy fiancée, no way! He spent $92,000 for an ornate 4-carat diamond engagement ring. It's hard to describe Britney Spear's excitement over this ring, so this is not a price tag that makes the thing but the emotions it brings.

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