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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pictures of Jewels Stolen From the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, France

No one will ever forget ParisHilton's being a DJ at Amnesia Nightclub in Ibiza as well as the recent robbery of a huge diamond jewelry collection in Cannes. Both events were passionately talked about but let's focus on stolen diamonds now (though, Paris Hilton's “Foam and Diamonds” party was no less impressive).

The images of diamond-encrustedjewels stolen from the Cannes hotel appeared on the Internet. They were intentionally published by the insurance company in the expectation to get them returned. Moreover, there is the award appointed for any information that may lead to the thieves and thievery. The award is worth telling the truth - 1 million.

Let's remind you that on July 28 the thief came into Carlton Hotel on Sunday afternoon, took the case full with jewels that were meant to be exhibited and left away. There are no more information about the case, which is veiled in secrecy. The owner of the collection estimated at $53 million is Lev Leviev, an Israeli-Russian billionaire who's currently living in London. Among the stolen jewels there were two diamond-encrusted rings with fancy colored central diamonds, emerald and diamond necklace and a large heart-shaped diamond pendant.

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