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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Give Your Sweetheart a Diamond Heart

No secret this is the heart that is the omnipresent symbol of Valentine's Day. It can be seen everywhere: in heart-shaped Valentine's card, red- or gold-foil wrapped chocolates and heart-shaped diamond jewelry. By the way, the last one is the most popular shape to be presented on V-Day. Want to find out why? Here's the story.
Both ancient Egyptians and Greeks treated hear as the most important organ. It is crucial to the body being responsible for thoughts, believes, reasons and emotions. No secret love is one of the strongest emotions. In the Middle Ages much attention had been paid to a heart symbol that was widely depicted in many pictures. It was associated with the morality and romance as well as with fully devotion to Christ. You may notice it was depicted emitting light that is the heart full of love of Jesus. Moreover, heart had been idealized to unbelievable extents – it was incorporated into the comprehension of afterlife. But it wouldn't have been that esthetically beautiful once it was depicted as a true-to-life muscle organ. So the heart shape as we know it today was first presented by Italian and Belgium artists around the 14th century.

Since a heart shape hardly resembles a real organ, what was the prototype of it? Some believe this is a shape of a water lily and ivy, which are associated with endurance and longevity. Other claim it still resembles an anatomical heart organ, but whatever the believe it, it's undoubted that a heart shape is now a symbol of romantic love that is the best to fit the occasion – the Valentine's Day. This is where the heart-shaped gifts started to appear, including diamonds.
In the past heart-shaped diamonds were treated with special respect since they were quite rare and highly cherished. The reason may seem banal now – it was difficult to cut a heart out of a diamond – but this doesn't still minify the beauty of hear-cut diamonds nowadays. Currently it is synonymous with Valentine's jewelry and there is hardly a lady that wouldn't like to get one as a gift.
Normally a hear-shaped diamond contains about sixty facets that indeed makes it shine with fire. The shape is actually the main part of a diamond so make sure both sides of a gem are symmetrical. It's not recommended to buy diamonds less than 0.5 carats in size, since the shape is quite difficult to be cut on small diamonds. Bezel and three prong settings are the best for this shape. A heart-shaped diamond jewelry has all chances to become an unforgettable present ever! Especially if this is a two-in-one gift like a V-Day present and an engagement ring at the same time.

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