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Friday, February 7, 2014

Gifts Celebrities Get on Valentine's Day

Celebrities are probably the most unpredictable people: you never know what will come to their mind taking into account their financial possibilities are nearly unlimited. When the St. Valentine's Day is around the corner this is just a nice reason to speak about their most remarkable Valentine's Day's gifts ideas.

Some say celebs don't differ much from ordinary people. Some of them maybe not but have you ever seen an ordinary person presenting a carousel horse to a dear husband? One year a caring wife Courtney Cox presented her husband David Arquette with you already know what. Who knows maybe it was his cherished childhood dream to have a carousel horse and once he got one it made him overwhelmingly happy. Another happy celebrity person was Beyonce who got a platinum cell phone from Jay-Z. This was definitely a unique present since count on the fingers the number of such phone owners in the world. Of for example, one year George Clooney surprised his Valentine Sarah Larson with a romantic night in a $40,000 hotel suite. But regardless of all the extravagances the most popular present for Valentine's Day among celebs still remain jewelry, in most cases it's diamond jewelry:

  • Howard Stern didn't miss his chance to make a proposal of marriage to his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky on the most romantic day of the year. He gave Beth a 5.2 carat emerald-cut ring accompanied with his spirited love expression speech. So after that a $250,000-worth present turned into a lovely engagement ring.
  • The most talked about singer Justin Bieber gave his Valentine Selena Gomez a most extravagant diamond ring. The jewel is of the shape of a cursive 'J' letter that most likely stands for Justin.
  • Miranda Lambert, who is either a bird lover or has been dying to get this exact present, was given a bejeweled pink bird ring from her husband Blake Shelton. It was definitely symbolic because later she wrote that she has been “waiting this for a year and a half!”.
No doubt, this year's going to bring more presents to celebrated Valentines but what they are we'll find out later.

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