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Friday, February 28, 2014

Hunting For Diamonds and For Diamond Hunters

Cases of diamond stealing are not a usual practice of course but are taken for granted by diamond dealers. They happened in the past and whatever the security measures are they will surely happen in future. The reason is diamonds are magnetic not only in sense of beauty but in a sense of price one can get on reselling them. Here are two recent cases of diamond stealing.

The first is a world-old method: to smuggle diamonds inside the body. Since it's so old the police knows how to disclose similar cases and this one is no exception. Helena Freida Bodner was arrested in Pearson Airport, Toronto since she was trying to smuggle about 1500 carats of rough diamonds. The diamonds provenance still remain unknown and is being investigated, the smuggler refuses to cooperate. In three days after Bodner had been arrested she appeared in court and was charged under the Custom Act with smuggling, unlawful possession of prohibited goods and false statement.
The second case of diamond stealing/smuggling took place in Melbourne where a 29-year Matthew Osborne was arrested before boarding. He claimed to be a British tourist, however the owner of a jewelry store in Queensland recognized a man who asked for a closer look as well as CCTV images and fingerprints confirmed tourist's involvement in this. This is not an ordinary diamond but a very rare pink diamond of an unusually large size for pinks – 4.3 millimeters. Keith Bird, the owner of a jewelry shop, described this diamond as “rare as hen's teeth” and assured there is already a local buyer for it. Even though the thief has been arrested, the diamond is still missing. X-ray investigation didn't show the diamond is inside, actually nobody saw it was swallowed. It's still unknown where the stone can be but the police won't stop searching for it.

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