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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Diamond Dilemma — to Buy or is There an Alternative?

Valentine's day is just around the corner with heart-shaped postcards and sweets in every shop window. But for those who plan to engage this day (this is the most popular day for such an event), there can be some worries about – an engagement ring. Traditionally, it is a diamond ring and if you are still thinking of making a proposal, it can hit your pocket greatly. But are there alternative options that would cost less? Continue reading to find that!

1. A ring with a heirloom diamond. Diamonds are everlasting and they are known as handed-down things in many families. So if you have such a diamond you can have it set into a vintage ring. It won't cost as much but this gift will indeed be priceless. It's like having a ring with its own history. There's a website “Turtle Love” offering vintage rings, so you can hunt for one if you want.

2. Fake diamonds (diamond simulants). If you are on a tough budget you may think of buying moissanite or Cubic zirconia ring. These gems visually resemble diamonds: they are sparkling, brilliant and transparent. Visual characteristics are probably the only ones they have in common with real diamonds, but at first glance a man won't tell it from a pure gem. It can be an option.

3. Synthetic diamonds, they shouldn't be mixed with Cz and moissanite mentioned above. These are real diamond stones though not mined, thus not as expensive, with the only difference that they are grown by men. They are getting more popular these days as the alternative to conflict-diamonds aka mined diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are 100% diamonds normally certified by one of the world-known gemological institutions like GIA, EGL USA, etc.

4. Not a diamond ring. This is probably the hardest option to accept, since the tradition of proposing with a diamond ring goes far back in the past. But still this can be an absolutely conflict-free eco-friendly option. In this case breaking the tradition doesn't seem rude, on the contrary, you take the opportunity to make a difference, a positive one.

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